Colorado River Regional Crisis Services


Established in 1997

Colorado River Regional Crisis Services (CRRCS) was established in 1997 as a direct response to there being no victim services in rural Western Arizona.

The mission of the board and staff of Colorado River Regional Crisis Services is to support and educate by providing HELP with services and protection to promote a sense of HOPE and HEALING for all that are affected by domestic and sexual abuse. In furtherance of our mission statement, we are dedicated to providing trauma-informed services to victims who request assistance. Our philosophy is that victims have a right to be respected and informed. We strive to be available to help and offer support, and to meet the victim where they are by facilitating, not controlling, their way forward to achieve safety, healing, and justice outcomes. This philosophy also encompasses raising awareness in our community through education and outreach. 

Based in Parker and serving all of La Paz County and large parts of Mohave County, our organization provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, safety planning, Community and Mobile Advocacy services, a 24-hour crisis hotline, and comprehensive justice response.

Our staff are respectful, trauma-informed, culturally-competent, and  work to meet all victims where they are at with no judgment. We look forward to serving you and helping you build a better future.

-The CRRCS Staff


For over 23 years, Colorado River Regional Crisis Services (CRRCS) has helped save children and adults from abusive and sometimes life-threatening relationships and situations, while providing HELP, HOPE, and HEALING for primary and secondary victims of domestic violence in Western Arizona. 


We envision a world where individuals are given resources to escape abusive situations, and the education to help prevent them in the first place, regardless of where they are geographically, socio-economically, or otherwise.