AngerMgt1Anger Management / Batterer’s Intervention Programs for adults offer education to individuals who want to develop new, positive skills for dealing with anger.

Our Behavorial Health Technician knows the importance of conveying their respect and concern for their clients. They see the capacity for positive change in all people. It is the hope of our agency that people will seek help before anger erupts into patterns that are harmful to themselves or others.

The cost of service is a flat fee of $40.00 intake fee and $25.00 per class. Please call (928) 669-8620 to schedule an intake.

These are two separate programs.
The Batterer’s Intervention Program is either 26,32, or 52 week program mandated by the court.
The Domestic Violence Prevention Program offers only 16 weeks of sessions.





Purpose of Programs

  • Stop Abusive Behaviors
  • Take Personal Responsibility for One’s Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions
  • Strengthen Self-Esteem
  • Develop Insight
  • Develop Empathy for self and others

These counseling programs focus on working with individuals to change abusive patterns in an atmosphere that is caring, compassionate, and safe. We work on behavioral alternatives that stop the cycle of abuse. We also help clients to grow in ways that enable them to live lives free of unhealthy anger, including:

  • the development of personal power
  • acceptance of responsibility
  • letting go of the need for unhealthy power and control
  • issues of gender and development
  • the development of a healthy self identity
While personal growth is supported in a constructive, non-judgmental atmosphere, clients can learn such skills as:
  • effective communication skills
  • assertiveness
  • emotional awareness
  • self trust
  • body awareness
  • stress reduction
  • positive relationship skills
  • conflict resolution