Colorado River Regional Crisis Services

1 thought on “Hello world!”

  1. kimberly leblanc

    since leaving your establishment i have been notified that you personally signed me up for the frequency controll surveillance program where they use 5g beems really 675,000g uhf beems to see me in my most private moments. this is beond big brother this is you signed me up for death from lack of oxygen from the uhf beems. oscelating up down. this tells me you either dont care about human life or your lack of investigating is getting me to die a slow and sleepy death. un able to function because im tired and now the voices that torture me every day want me to commit suicide. the gaming comission said you signed me up without my permission or warning. this is called covid without the sar virus. that is what fema agenda 21 is all about . my family is so afraid to let me come home for fear you might do this to them thanks.

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